“Transitions” will take place simultaneously with Tartu International Literary Festival Prima Vista, whose 2024 edition, titled “Futures Better and Worse”, is organized in collaboration with European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024

At the festival, writers, artists, academics, and culture enthusiasts from different countries take the stage to map out and interpret the societal fears and hopes related to the future in the most expansive and diverse way. Among other events, the festival features an Eastern-European SF film program and an international arts program where local authors collaborate with artists from around the world to stage their utopias in Tartu’s urban space. A number of SFRA scholars are contributing to organizing the events.

Featuring: Olga Tokarczuk (POL), Lydia Sandgren (SWE), Cory Doctorow (USA), Lesley-Ann Brown (USA), Josh Sawyer (USA), Preiļu konceptuālisti (LV), David Hartley (UK), Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir (IS), Penny Boxall (UK), Johanna Rannik (EST), Emma Lotta Lõhmus (EST), Helena Aadli (EST), Karin Orgulas (EST), Hildegard Reimann (EST), Anastassia Kuznetsova (EST), Saara Liis Jõerand (EST), Oliver Issak (EST), Andreas Kübar (EST), Henri Hütt (EST), Timo Toots (EST), etc.