The 2024 annual conference of the Science Fiction Research Association seeks to discuss all kinds of transitions as the thematic, narrative, formal, historical, and philosophical driving force behind Science Fiction. It takes place in a lovely university town of Tartu in Southern Estonia, and is hosted by the Institute of Cultural Research, the Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures of the University of Tartu and the Research Group of Contemporary Estonian Culture. “Transitions” will take place simultaneously with Tartu International Literary Festival Prima Vista, whose 2024 edition, titled “Futures Better and Worse”, is organized in collaboration with European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.

The conference is supported by Estonian Research Council’s Grant PRG636.

Main organizers: Jaak Tomberg and Lisanna Lajal

Co-organizers: Raili Marling, Francesca Arnavas, Marzia Beltrami, Mattia Bellini

Conference Email: 

Register here. You can choose to register as a hybrid ($130) or online ($35) attendee. Students can avail of a special rate for registration ($90). Attendees must also be active SFRA members ($55-$110, depending on institutional status). Registration is open until April 10, 2024.

The Science Fiction Research Association, founded in 1970, is the oldest professional association dedicated to the scholarly inquiry of Science Fiction and the Fantastic in literature, film, and the arts. The SFRA’s open access journal SFRA Review is published four times a year and the SFRA meets annually for a conference at varying international locations.