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There is a good air connection between Tallinn and other countries. For further information, please visit Tallinn airport website.

You can also reach Tallinn by sea from Helsinki (Finland). For further information, please visit the ferry ticket booking website.


A New airline between Helsinki and Tartu will be opened at the end of March. Helsinki is very well connected so with any luck, this option might take you to Tartu without the bus ride from Tallinn to Tartu. There will be 12 flights a week: 6AM and 3PM from Tartu and 1.50PM and 11.55PM from Helsinki. You can find more information on Finnair website


By bus

There is a very good bus connection between the two cities. If you arrive by plane, you can hop on the bus to Tartu straight from the airport. The bus ride to Tartu takes two and half hours. Most of the buses have free wireless internet and other minor conveniences. For coach routes, schedules and tickets visit It’s better to buy the ticket online before your travel. 

By train

If arriving by ferry, you may want to take the train.The train ride takes about two hours, and the center of Tartu is within walking distance (about 20 min). The train has free wireless internet. For coach routes, schedules and tickets visit Elron website. You can only reserve a fixed seat if you buy a (relatively inexpensive) first class ticket up front. 

By car

Estonia has right-hand traffic and an extensive road system, the quality of which varies. The speed limit on the highways is 90 km/h and 50 km/h in urban areas unless specified otherwise. While driving in Estonia, passengers are expected to wear seat belts and lights must be switched on at all times. Estonian laws against driving under the influence of alcohol are strict and follow a zero tolerance policy.


The conference will take place in the facilities of the University of Tartu. All of these are a 1-minute walking distance from the Town Hall Square and 10 minutes from the shopping centres and the bus station.

Public transport

To ride city line buses, a ticket can be bought from the driver or an electronic bus card can be used. Tickets bought from the bus driver can only be paid for in cash. Electronic bus cards (contact-free plastic chip cards and stickers) can be bought from R-Kiosk convenience stores, the bus station, Tartu Visitor Centre in Town Hall, information counters in Selver supermarkets and elsewhere. To use an electronic bus card, it has to be swiped when entering the bus at the device or validator installed near the bus doors until a beep sound is heard.

For routes and schedules of Tartu public transport click here or use Google Maps. Additional information about Tartu bus card can be found here.

Tartu has a fully established city bike system.


Taxis can be hired by phone, app or directly at taxi parks, which are located for instance on Vabaduse Avenue in the area between Poe Street and Town Hall Square, near the intersection of Vallikraavi and Ülikooli Street, on Uueturu Street, on Soola Street in the parking lot of Hotel Tartu and elsewhere. Taxi rates vary by company, but are posted on a yellow sticker in the right rear window of each vehicle. We recommend:

  • Elektritakso +372 588 588 00
  • Bolt


Hotel Antonius

Hotel Lydia




Tartu Downtown Hostel

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